Jasmin Toothpaste Holder Set 85ml


The set from Marvis includes the Jasmin toothpaste (85ml) with cool mint flavor, as well as the Toothpaste Holder, which was designed by Giulio Laccetti, an industrial designer from Milan. The practical gadget allows the tube to be opened perfectly and put back after use. To do this, simply click the lid of the toothpaste into the holder.

A sweet and cool touch of mint with the surprising charm of the floral note of jasmin.

Marvis flavors are created by offsetting the aroma of mint, to provide the freshness you need, with innovative notes to offer you a long-lasting pleasurable taste sensation that can be different every day.

The Marvis Formula: White, protected teeth, fresh breath all day long, helps prevent tooth decay, tartar and plaque.


Made in Italy


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