Acca Kappa

Nylon Hard Toothbrush Vintage Granate


The story of Acca Kappa is the story of the Krüll family. In the heart of the Italian city of Treviso, this family has dedicated itself to advancing the taste, culture and elegance of this city of fashion since 1869. And thanks to their love and respect for nature and the human body, they have become a leader in European cosmetics.

Hard toothbrush made from white nylon bristles. Each brush is made by hand following traditional artisan processes. Hard bristles, ideal for very resistant gums and teeth. It provides a quite vigorous clean and removes all types of stains, even the most stubborn ones such as coffee, tobacco, etc.

In this case granate, it boasts a simple, elegant and traditional style typical of the Acca Kappa Vintage Collection. Simple shapes and a retro touch that will whisk you back to the 1940s.

Made in Italy


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